Music box: One Year of the School of Honk

The School of Honk was born during the fall of 2014 in Somerville, Massachusetts as a space to play and learn Brass Band New Orleans and other world music through a mentorship based approach.

The School, the brainchild of  Kevin Leppmann, encompasses the spirit of a community like no other: free to all, the School is donation based and people are asked to contribute whatever they can. For many, it’s either the first time they play an instrument, or a return to one. It’s a process filled with frustration and joy. Participants grow as musicians and friendships are built, all while strengthen the community. 

The first School of Honk rehearsing space was a garage area no larger than 30 x 30 feet (hence the title of this project) which served as the headquarters of a science-based after school program.

Rehearsals are lead by mentors, focusing on learning songs or perfecting specific sections of a song.

Trumpet player. Detail

The School of Honk is a community space which parents and their kids share.  In some cases parents visited  School to bring their kids but ended up joining the band.

A visitor to the School disapproves of the noise level

Davis Square is the most frequented area during parades. This area is where the Honk Fest every October. 

A new rehearsal location was needed, and the School moved to a church in the Davis Sq area. Here, the

During the summer a School of Honk Summer Camp was held at the John F. Kennedy Elementary School. Eventually, some of the students joined the Sunday rehearsals.

One year after its foundation, the School of Honk have become part of the cultural fabric of Somerville performing in various events throughout the city. 

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